About me


Betty’s Life

My name is Betül Yılmaz. I live between Bolu and Ankara. I was born on 24.07.1992 in Ankara.

I graduated from Kazım Karabekir primary school in Ankara. After I completed my high school education in Kalecik Anatolian Teacher Training High school. Then I started to study in Abant İzzet Baysal University in Elt department.

During my study, I worked in kindergartens  summers in Antalya .Then I started to work as a  student-teacher. My first experience was in İzzet Baysal Anatolian High School. Now for my community servise I go to the Sakarya primary school and for my teaching practice I go to the Cumhuriyet primary school.

In my spare times I go for shopping,  swimming and running. I like listening to house music and classical music.

I love my cat. I can spend my all time with him. His name is Kamuran. he is one years old. He is Angora.



I missed the course this week.Fortunately,I had information about all of them.

Prezi is my beautiful presentation maker. I love effects and visual features of prezi. It was so funny and smart. Last year, I prepare my all presentations with prezi. And while I was preparing, I never felt tired or bored.


Hot Potatoes

ImageOne of the software that I found amazing.The advantage of this program is that it provides different types of activities to be created like: creating cloze passage, matching exercises, crossword puzzle, and complete quizzes. That’s really perferct for me! I prepared cloze test last week and it was so difficult for me. Find a text, save the text then again write the text, delete the ever “th” word” then check it out how is it? It was like nightmare. But thanks to hot popatoes we can make them easily! I go to the teaching experience every week for two days and I need to create different worksheets for the students almost every week. With hot potatoes, it was just a dream but now real 🙂

I really like this software. Thanks to Mr. Akayoğlu, I can make easily my work.

Webheads, Dropbox & Delicious

Image“Webheads” I missed first hour but as I learned, webheads is really interesting platform. “Online learning and teaching” I can’t imagine. that sounds great. Think about it, we missed so many conferences because of city, lessons, school, money. However, thanks to this platform they give conferences about language teaching all over the world and we can listen them. This is really incredible. When I heard this platform, I ask to myself “Where do you live Betül ? and What are you doing ?” 


“Dropbox” Dropbox is my mystery box. whatever I have in my computer also my dropbox has them. We can easily use it. And wherever we go, it comes with us. how a cute ! 🙂      Image


And lastly, delicious! Mr. Akayoğlu talked about delicious, I told to myself “Yes Betül ! Delicious is all you need.” When I want to not lose any link, usually I send the link my friends by using facebook. then I open the messages of facebook and I start to search for link. But now everything is easier than past! Just a click and all my links right there.It is delicious as its name.Image

Mobile Learning


All we use smart phone and we use some applications which are related to education.Nowadays  mobile technolgy has changed very quickly.And  all teachers should use it in education. And also, tablets are distributed to students. So we have to know how to use, which application we should recommend to the students, which applications are suitable for ELT? Mobile learning is important point for us. Teaching English is not working just books or something like that. We can use all oportunities for teaching and our students will be digital native. So, we have to know  how to use these applications and  how to use our mobile more effectively.

Thanks to this course, I remember importance of the technology one more time.

Reflection of Third Course

Everybody uses wikis.So I am. Until the this course, I thought that wikis like  an encyclopedia. And I remember that when I was a high school student, I used these types of website for my homework.But nothing was as I thought. Obviously I don’t trust vikis anymore. it is not reliable for me 😦

Google Document is my favorite ! It is to bring people together from around the world to contribute on a shared piece of work. sounds awesome.

Reflection of Second Course


Last week, I did not find what I expected. We talked about twitter, feedly, wordpress. So, I almost know everything which we talked about and class was so boring sometimes. And I followed fashion blogs on feedly I found so unnecessary to follow everybody which is in classroom.  Whatever, I did not know how to add new account on my feedly. I just followed well-known blogger so now I can add my feedly account some accounts which I follow.

So, I don’t understant why everybody has to use “wordpress.” I don’t want to use wordpress. I think  ‘blogger’ is so obvious and clear for us.

Whatever, thanks to RSS, in my lessons I want to my students create a blog adress and I can follow them easily.  RSS is the most useful staff which I learned last course.

Computer Assisted Language Learning: an Introduction by Mark Warschauer


The article mentions about development of CALL and phases of CALL.

The author mentions about three phases of CALL. They are behavioristic CALL, communicative CALL, and integrative CALL.

In the early stages; Behavioristic CALL based on dominant behaviorist theories of learning.  He talked about Drill and Practice. Drill and practice are based on the model of computer as a tutor.  One of the most important system is PLATO. PLATO system included vocabulary drills, brief grammar explanations and drills, and translations tests at various intervals.  

   Communicative CALL is based on Communicative Approach. Second Language are being developed with interaction. Games are the materials for learning second language.  Students learn grammar inductively. It’s all about “learn to talk.”

Intagrative CALL is based on two important technological developments of the last decade- multimedia computers and the Internet. Multimedia software included power point, audio, visual materials. Students learn with visual way better. Using multimedia may intagrate all skills. Internet provides all communication staff. With using internet, students can improve their second language.  And also teachers can prepare materials easily with this way.

In this article, author used some terminology but he explained them really understandable.  He organized and focus on materials.

Wih this article, now I have some ideas about CALL and phases of CALL. And also I learned how  I can use some internet staff in my class.

My Expectations From Computer Assisted Language Learning Course


I hope, I am going to improve myself with this course.

I am not good at internet staff and sometimes I feel so tired when I try to make something with using computer. For me, meaning of internet and computer is composed social media. So I can’t find and create materials or something about my department. I don’t know how to make it, how to find it. I hope, I am going to figure out something about internet staff. I believe technology improves quality of education. And As a teacher, we have to develop ourselves in this area. So I hope develop myself at the end of the course.

Our teachers did not use something which is connected with internet. We just  learned using Microsoft. Is it enough for teacher or students? Answer is of course “NO.” We have to learn use internet staff for improving quality of education.